Wall Panels

Wall panels are the perfect way to make a real statement in your home and have been used in home design for centuries, making them adaptive to many era of home. They are growing trend in today’s homes as people seek to fill otherwise empty wall space by adding depth and dimension to a wall with clean and sleek lines.

In an entry or in a lounge room and even up and around staircases, wall panels can enhance any home. Whether you are seeking an intricate design from the Victorian era or aiming for the fashionable Hampstons style approach, wall panels can make all the difference. 

Ornamental Plasterworks wall panels have been manufactured with ease of application in mind as an alternative to timber wall paneling. By applying long lengths as manufactured to a wall and using one of our dado rails to complete the look, you can not only make that grand statement, but unnecessary join work and messing about is eliminated. 

 Ornamental Plasterworks carry a range 6 set size wall panels ranging from 500mm to 3.3 metres in length. We also have a variety of mouldings which can be adapted to form panel styles of your choosing. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of wall panels in Adelaide, we can provide specialist advice and answer any of your questions. 

We can also make your selection easier by considering essential guidelines based on; the style of your home, the height of your ceiling and the shape of your room, and the various dimensions and impact imposed by existing doors and windows.  The rest is up to your individual taste. And with our extensive range you are sure to find something that suits. 

Beyond our expertise in repairing and reproducing original wall panels, Ornamental Plasterworks is renowned for providing its clients with fully customised wall panels and service.