Decorative cornice is an almost essential feature of most homes in Adelaide, be it the traditional Victorian and Federation Cornice found in old Victorian homes, right through to contemporary dwellings by use of a modern cornice. 

In the old days, cornices was considered a luxury item used by only wealthy builders or home owners. With today’s manufacturing methods, cornice is a far more affordable option which will truly enhance your home like no other architectural detail can. 

Our decorative cornice comes in a range of styles to suit almost any era. From baroque and georgian reproduction styles, cornice for your Villa, Bungalow or Tudor homes, and right through to today’s contemporary design.

Ornamental Plasterworks carry a range of over 200 decorative cornices with profiles ranging from 35mm to 1000mm, and lengths between 1.8 metres to 5 metres. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of decorative cornice in Adelaide, we can provide specialist advice and answer any of your questions. 

We can also make your selection easier by considering essential guidelines based on; the style of your home, the height of your ceiling, the shape of your room and the theme you are aiming to achieve. The rest is up to your individual taste. And with our extensive range you are sure to find one that suits. 

Beyond our expertise in repairing and reproducing original cornice, Ornamental Plasterworks is renowned for providing its clients with a fully customised cornice product and service.