Decorated arches are a major feature of many homes in Adelaide, in particular Victorian and reproduction period styles. They have the ability to create a magnificent statement as you enter your home, transform any hallway with grandeur, and divide rooms with style. The versatility of arch design also means that they are not limited to the style of home mentioned above. 

Arches come in a variety of styles to suit the specific needs of your opening and dwelling, from a common semi-circular radius, segmented appearance and also elliptical design. Ornamental Plasterworks have also created Arches in arabic and gothic forms for particular projects. 

Square openings are also an option and can be designed in the identical style of a typical arch. A coffered arch can also enhance the appearance of your opening by adding a real sense of depth and elegance. Call us today to discuss the arch design that is right for you and your home. 

Ornamental Plasterworks carry a large range of standard arch designs ranging from 30mm to 350mm in profile. To compliment your arch we have a huge range of arch embellishments, capital and neck moulds, trusses/corbels and keystones, as well as pilasters and columns to suit. All our arches are custom made to size in order to suit your application. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of arches in Adelaide, we can provide specialist advice and answer any of your questions. 

We can also make your Arch selection easier by considering essential guidelines based on; the style of your home, the height and width of your opening and ceiling height, the shape of your room and the theme you are aiming to achieve. The rest is up to your individual taste. And with our extensive range you are sure to find one that suits.  

Beyond our expertise in repairing and reproducing arches, Ornamental Plasterworks is renowned for providing its clients with a fully customised arch products and service.