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At Ornamental Plasterworks we are the leaders in plastering in Adelaide and offer a range of different services. Outlined below are our four main services.

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Ornamental Plasterworks is South Australia’s longest established manufacturer of fibrous plaster and cement products. Since its inception in the late 1970′s, Ornamental Plasterworks has been family owned and operated in the Thebarton area.

Our History

Our History

Ornamental Plasterworks set out to supply the local building industry with fibrous plaster mouldings, which were unique to South Australia’s local heritage. Although that remains a priority today, the company has expanded its product range to cover many forms of classical European architecture, as well as innovative applications of cement mouldings for exterior use.

Over the last 30 years, business founder and operator, Evan Toyias, has taken his passion for classical architecture to a level of class above the rest. Evan has the unique ability to conceptualise, design, carve and manufacture any form of architectural detail, from the smallest of features to a theme for an entire dwelling in a variety of styles.

Evan’s reputation of outstanding craftsmanship has seen him win awards both locally and nationally. His unique talents have been showcased in high profile homes in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Some of his work can also be seen as far as the Venetian Casino in Macau, China. Locally, the Newmarket Hotel, Botanic Hotel, the SA Art Gallery and Ayers House just to name a few, have all benefited from the quality work produced at Ornamental Plasterworks under Evan’s guidance.

At Ornamental Plasterworks, customers can be assured that they are being exposed to the most experienced team in South Australia. Ornamental Plasterworks places a very high value in keeping a team of quality craftsmen together, which results in an unrivalled excellence and consistency in the products which are manufacture.

What our clients say

We are proud of our clients and our clients our proud about us.

  • Professionalism to assure the quality of work

    Professionalism to assure the quality of work

    Ornamental Plasterworks has teamed up with a number of professional tradesmen for the installation of your plaster and cement products. Always keeping quality in mind, you can be assured the quality of work will meet expectations and no corners are cut to ensure the life of the application.
  • The true meaning of "Custom Made"

    The true meaning of "Custom Made"

    While the term ‘custom made’ is thrown around loosely in the industry, we afford the term its true meaning. Ornamental Plasterworks can create anything from scratch with the ability to carve any form and create any shape from the most intricate of frieses to the simplicity of curving a cornice. Importantly, we encourage our clientelle to be part of the design process.
  • Innovative methods to achieve the desired look

    Innovative methods to achieve the desired look

    Ornamental Plasterworks have developed an innovative method for designing and manucfaturing cement products. Certain products eliminate the need for specialist brickwork and save you from purchasing multiple mouldings to achieve a desired look.
  • Professionalism to assure the quality of work
  • The true meaning of "Custom Made"
  • Innovative methods to achieve the desired look